Moleculin Biotech, Inc. is a pre-clinical and clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the development of game-changing anti-cancer drug candidates, many of which are based on discoveries made at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Each of our projects represents a breakthrough discovery and a highly disruptive technology.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Moleculin actively sponsors ongoing research at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. MD Anderson is the largest cancer research center in the world and one of the country’s largest recipients of NIH medical research grants.

Dr. Waldemar Priebe, a Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at MD Anderson, discovered the molecules that form the basis for our lead drug candidates. MD Anderson has licensed this technology to Moleculin on an exclusive worldwide basis and continues to collaborate with us as we translate this discovery into clinical therapies.

Logo_derminDERMIN SP. ZO. O.

Dermin Sp. Zo. O. (Dermin) is a Polish drug development company that has sublicensed our technologies for use in limited territories in exchange for their use of Polish government grant funding to pay for development costs we would otherwise have to fund ourselves. We are collaborating with Dermin to begin a clinical trial in Poland for the topical treatment of early stage CTCL patients, as well as to coordinate clinical trials of Annamycin in AML patients between clinical sites in Poland and other countries.

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